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Romsym Data was set up in 1992, with the wish of supplying licensed software to the Romanian market, directly from the manufacturers. Everybody knew the delay in case of each of the latest versions of well-known programs often used by PC owners, so we were concerned about setting up a distribution channel which would shorten the long, crooked way from the owners of legal software to the latest versions on the market. After twenty years, our offer includes a wide range of programs of various areas: utilities for PC maintenance and refitting, communication software, Internet tools, programming tools, applications for the management of business contacts, antivirus software, technical books of the most famous publishers, software for scientific applications and data acquisition, multimedia programs etc. And all these in order to be able to reach our goals: the best solutions for our clients.

Software distribution

Success business relies on lasting alliances with partners who continuously improve their services and who want to become the information distributors, not their catchers only. We are honored to distribute information together with our partners.

We are Value Added Distributor, Platinum, Gold or Premier Partner for various global software leadears, such as: Red Hat, Symantec, Citrix, Adobe, IBM, Minitab, ABBYY, Zoho Inc (Manage Engine), GFI, Chaos Group

Symantec Distribution Partner Red Hat Authorized Distributor
GFI Value Added Distributor

Competency Portfolio


Data Security

Dynamic Storage and Continuity

Endpoint Management

Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Security Monitoring and Management

Endpoint Security

Gateway Security

Mid-Market Backup and Recovery


Complete solutions

We are one of the most important suppliers of IT solutions in Romania and we offer the latest technology to deal with the challenges our partners have to face. The solutions we offer bring benefits/profit to the investments made which would also get performances, at the same time. Our team is always ready to respond and solve all challenges and problems that our partners and their clients face. Our specialists are international traineers whit years of experience in implementing enterprise solutions in organizations of different sizes and from different fields.


Nr. O.R.C.: J40/21874/92

CUI: RO2624809